Introducing the New Steam Pedicure

Burke Williams is pleased to introduce a new Steam Pedicure to the Torrance spa location beginning Friday, February 7. The new pedicure system replaces the use of water with steam to hygienically open pores and eliminate dead skin cells to leave the feet feeling soft and hydrated for days.

To begin the feet are cleaned with a tree tee oil mix, polish is removed and the nails are shaped. Then a massage lotion is applied to the foot and calf, then wrapped in a warm towel up to the knee and placed one foot at a time into the wooden steam sauna basin. Once each foot has been prepped and steamed, guests indulge in a Burke Williams signature foot and calf massage followed by the OPI polish application of choice.

The new Steam Pedicure unveils at the Torrance spa on February 7. The service will be launching at additional Burke Williams locations throughout the year.

Steam Pedicure Photo