Fall Health & Beauty – Tips For the Coming Season

Autumn months bring in a bevy of fun activities and holidays, but they also bring in drier weather – which means it’s time to start thinking about an updated beauty routine. Beauty goes beyond the newest fall fashion trends (though they’re definitely fun to explore), and begins with what we eat and what we put on our skin. We’ve rounded up the best seasonal foods that will help you feel beautiful inside and out, along with skincare products and everyday necessities to keep you healthy and hydrated during the fall season.

What to eat

Eating the right foods is essential to healthy skin, and fall brings seasonal (and delicious) opportunities to better your complexion. Pumpkin seeds are a nutritious food that’s packed with zinc, a mineral that supports the creation of new skin cells. This easy-to-carry snack is also a great source of protein. Squash is another fall food that supports healthy skin, and Acorn and butternut squash in particular help normalize oil production to fight blemishes, irritation, and inflammation. An apple a day does more than keep the doctor away, this fall fruit is high in fiber and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants, and helps decelerate the aging process by fighting free radicals and boosting collagen to firm the skin.

What to use on your skin

Summertime requires skincare products that combat sweat, oil, and the consequences of increased exposure to the sun. Fall weather calls for an updated skincare regiment that focuses on hydration. It’s important to wear a daily face lotion that has a minimum SPF 15 year round, but dry fall air calls for additional moisturizers. If you’re not already using a night cream be sure to incorporate one into your routine, and if you’re experiencing particularly dry skin consider supplementing with H2V’s Moisture Enhance, a hyaluronic booster that quenches dehydrated skin. Another product that helps combat the challenges of drier weather is Defy, an ultra creamy mask with high antioxidant benefits.

What to keep in your purse

Staying attune to the seasonal needs of your skin is vital, and that includes taking care of your hands. Carry hand cream or lotion in your purse to keep your hands moisturized and avoid cracked skin, and consider using a cuticle cream to soften dry cuticles and strengthen brittle nails.

The fall season brings holidays, new trends, and tasty seasonal foods, but it also brings something less desirable – cold and flu season. Keep hand sanitizer in your purse to combat germs on the go, along with a small package of disposable wet towelettes to disinfect undesirable surfaces.

Now that you’re prepped for food, skincare, and the everyday necessities for autumn months, it’s time to focus on the fun activities and fashions that come with the fall season!