Wintertime is the Best Time to Update Your Skincare Routine

Winter fairy, snow angel

Skin care is a year round ritual, but when cold weather hits it’s time to shake up your routine! Much like switching out summer clothes for a winter wardrobe, skin care habits should be adjusted with the seasons. Skin cells have different needs depending on environment and personal activities, and when cooler weather hits it’s time to fight against dry skin. Stay in tune with the ever-changing needs of your epidermis and check out our tips below to ensure healthy, glowing skin during the wispy winter season.

Vitamin E is Key            

Vitamin E oil is a great way to combat the symptoms of winter, and can be applied directly on your skin or taken in a capsule. Applying it direct instantaneously helps your skin by protecting it from harmful UV rays and slowing signs of aging. Vitamin E also soothes dry skin and helps with chapped lips. This antioxidant not only helps your skin, it also helps fight age-related vision loss and Alzheimer’s disease.


While wintertime can be beautiful and filled with joyous activities, it’s is an assault on your skin. The combination of the cold air outside and the heated air inside leaves your skin cells dehydrated. Exfoliating 2-3 times per week removes dead cells, helping your live cells absorb moisture. Burke Williams exclusive H2V skin care line offers Buff ($45), a refining exfoliant with microdermabrasion crystals and cornmeal to provide even and complete exfoliation. Great for teens, men and women.

Skip the steam

Hot, steamy, and luxuriously long showers may feel great in cold weather, but they’re actually drying out your skin. Prolonged exposure to hot water strips away your body’s natural oils, and in a season where hydration is key it’s best to keep shower time to a minimum. Add in the fact that shorter showers are better for the environment and you’ve got multiple reasons to turn down the water temp and take a quick shower.

 “Must Moisturize” is your new mantra

Moisturizing is a must during wintertime. Find fragrance-free shea or cocoa body butter and use it daily. Remember that most of your body is bundled up when going outdoors with the exception of your face. It’s important to use a face moisturizer with a minimum SPF 15 and use it daily to protect from UV rays lurking behind the clouds and wind damage. If you’re skin is particularly dry, consider using H2V’s Moisture Enhance ($58) – it’s the perfect booster for dry and dehydrated skin and a must have for winter!

Taking care of yourself is integral to a healthy and happy life, now it’s time to grab your favorite winter accessories and head outside!