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Burke Williams Woodlands Hills Brand Refresh: Bringing A Bright Airy Beach Vibe to SoCal

I have been visiting the iconic Burke Williams Day Spas for well over ten years and have grown to love the dark, cozy, lodge-like relaxing vibe that they have become know for. So it was a risky move for Burke Williams to shake up their tried and true brand image when designing their brand new… Read more »

Mom-To-Be Massage at Burke Williams

As some of you know I’m the brand ambassador for Burke Williams Day Spas in California and part of my duties include trying all their fabulous treatments. For obvious reasons I had never experienced the mom-to-be massage… until recently that is!  I can’t recommend it enough for you pregnant mommas. It is truly relaxing and totally worth every… Read more »

5 Embarrassing Spa Faux Pas

Ambiance is everything at a day spa – some people schedule services just to enjoy the calming environment. There’s nothing worse than having your massage ruined by loud voices coming from another room. It’s impossible to relax and enjoy the feeling of hot stones on your back if you can hear a bachelorette party loudly… Read more »

Spa Baths: A Better Kind of Clean

As much as our kids might hate them, baths have been a source of health and happiness for most of human history. Egyptian royalty bathed with essential oils and flowers. The Romans built large communal facilities for bathing and socializing. The Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed spring water baths for sickness, a practice known as hydrotherapy…. Read more »