Get Ready For Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

If you ask us, we think it’s time to step back from all the Valentine’s Day fluff and to add true romance to the celebration of love. You reserve the rustic wood cabin and buy the bottle of champagne. We’ll help you look and feel like the Valentine vixen you truly are with these pre-V Day treatments.

Pure Relaxation Massage

It’s proven that the less stress you have the better you will feel, but relaxing isn’t easy when you’re plagued by sore muscles and a tense body. Allow a professional masseuse to knead your knots away with a Pure Relaxation Massage. It’ll banish pain and discomfort, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your romantic night or girls night out.

Sugar Glo

For skin that glows under candlelight and begs to be noticed, exfoliation is a must. To charm your sweetie or help you find a new one this Valentine’s Day, we recommend our Sugar Glo treatment. Perfect for sensitive skin, this moisturizing treatment gently removes dead cells, leaving your entire body velvety soft.

Classic Manicure

No romantic date is complete without a healthy dose of handholding. For perfectly polished nails and soft, youthful hands, schedule a relaxing spa manicure. A soothing hand and arm massage and a fresh coat of polish in your favorite shade are the perfect finishing touches to get you looking and feeling your best.

If your past Valentine’s Days have been less than monumental, don’t despair. This year you have a brand-new chance to get things right. Start with yourself and schedule a spa day that will help your beauty shine from the inside out. Be good to yourself this holiday, and who knows? Maybe Cupid will be good to you.