Spa Baths: A Better Kind of Clean

As much as our kids might hate them, baths have been a source of health and happiness for most of human history. Egyptian royalty bathed with essential oils and flowers. The Romans built large communal facilities for bathing and socializing. The Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed spring water baths for sickness, a practice known as hydrotherapy.

At Burke Williams, we uphold that ancient tradition, enhanced by the cutting-edge equipment and techniques we employ. Each of our six spa baths is designed to promote relaxation and restoration. Which one will you choose?

Rejuvenate. Keeping your skin healthy is important, particularly at this time of year when its ability to repel germs and regulate temperature is needed more than ever. To restore health to damaged skin, the Moisture Revival Bath uses an aromatic blend of flowers and essential oils to soothe, hydrate and nourish. The Milk Bath, formulated from milk whey, is a soothing and luxurious option for skin rejuvenation, particularly for pregnant guests. For detoxifying and deep tissue cleansing, our Mustard Detox is strongly recommended. You won’t be luxuriating in a vat of Dijon, but rather a mixture of mustard seed, wintergreen, eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme.

Recover. Winter may be coming to a close, but if you’re still trying to shake a cold or the flu, our Herbal Relief Bath is for you. The special mix of herbs, including sage, Echinacea, camphor and tea tree oil, is designed to provide a boost to your immune system. Guests with chronic aches and pains will love our Muscle Therapy Bath. Its unique herbal blend improves circulation and dissolves muscle tension, a primary cause of soreness. If you’re simply looking to relax, our Harmony Bath is just the ticket. A soothing mix of minerals, aloe, Vitamin E and other herbs and oils makes this the best bubble bath you’ll ever take.

With this many baths to choose from, you might not know where to start. Why not begin by becoming a member today? In addition to complimentary massages and facials each month, you’ll have access to member-only pricing on each visit. You can use your savings to try out a new spa bath every month, or you can indulge in your favorite treatments week after week. We also regularly offer membership specials with even more perks. Stop by our Facebook page for more information.