Mom-To-Be Massage at Burke Williams

As some of you know I’m the brand ambassador for Burke Williams Day Spas in California and part of my duties include trying all their fabulous treatments. For obvious reasons I had never experienced the mom-to-be massage… until recently that is!  I can’t recommend it enough for you pregnant mommas. It is truly relaxing and totally worth every penny. I’m sure some of you can relate that being pregnant and having a rapidly growing belly can take a toll on your back, so please do yourself a favor and spend a day getting pampered. I think your baby daddy owes it to you! I opted for the deluxe pregnancy package which consisted of a mellow bubble bath followed by an 80 minute rub down. Did I mention they serve you fruit and lemonade in the tub? Yeah, it’s pretty much heaven. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the Santa Monica location and hear me chat with the massage manager.

Gotta Go!