Frightfully Fun Fall Makeup Tips

Portrait of Beautiful Woman with Glitter Makeup.Fall is in full swing and Halloween is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to reexamine your beauty bag and add a little flair to your makeup routine. October is a great month to step outside of your comfort zone, and thanks to this season’s bold fall trends it’s easier than ever to have fun with your makeup. We’ve rounded up some of the best autumn trends that can begin as an everyday look and be elevated for Halloween. Whether getting ready for a costume party or a night out on the town, these tips will come in handy for the fall season.


Eyeliner makes a statement, and with the striking, dark eyes coming off the runway its perfect for date night or spine-tingling soirees. A reliable black liner (try Marc Jacobs or Urban Decay) can accent eyes of all shapes. Don’t be afraid to add a wing or cat eye to your look, and get creative with a soft smudge or try rimming your waterlines in ink.

Glittery eyes are another bold eye makeup trend that’s popular this season, and celebrities and models and alike are stepping out with sparkly eyes. Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger are only two brands that are embracing this look, and you can join the movement by grabbing a great glitter liner or shadow. Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Glitter Liquid Liners and Mac Glitter in Gold are a must-have for eyes that truly twinkle.


If there’s a makeup trend this season that naturally lends itself to the grandeur of Halloween, it’s berry-stained lips. A standout autumn trend, berry-stained lips cover a broad spectrum of shades from cherry to dark plum – perfect for dramatic nighttime looks. Berry shades work well on all lip shapes and can be romantic or edgy depending on the shade. For a softer version of berry-stained lips, apply the color in the center and then draw it out to the corners of your mouth.

While stained lips are in, there’s a lighter look that could be perfect for luscious everyday use or understated costumes. Nude lips with a touch of pink are also in this season, creating a just-kissed look. Make them dewy by combining a pinky-nude shade with gloss – the result will be remarkable and lovely lips.

Cheeks and Skin

Autumn blush wear is taking a cue from another season – winter. Subtle rouge is a year round must, but this season’s trendy take on blush is making fall cheeks look winter-kissed. Add a touch of extra color to your cheeks that’s the same shade they turn when it’s cold outside. For a great rouge try Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush in Rosy Pop.

Fall is a great time to check out new makeup trends but it’s also a time to embrace one of our favorite beauty buys – pumpkin based masks. Beyond is a part of Burke Williams exclusive H2V skin care line, and the anti-aging pumpkin mask is oil free and tightens and hydrates the skin. Beyond uses pumpkin enzymes to remove dead skin cells and ginseng to firm and tighten, making it a year round must-have.

Once your skin is hydrated, get ready to try out any of these fabulous fall makeup tips for a date night or Halloween bash. With so many bold styles coming out of the autumn season it’s simple to take a trendy look and elevate it for Halloween. Happy haunting!