Tips For Feeling Fabulous on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying the freedoms of single life it’s an exciting time of year. The floral aromas of bouquets fill the air, cookies and chocolates are abundant, and it’s an opportunity to let friends and loved ones know they’re cared for. As cupid begins to take aim for the holiday, don’t forget to take time for yourself! Grab a box of candy hearts and check out our four favorite ways to celebrate love and feel fabulous this Valentine’s Day.

 Break out the Red Lipstick

If there was ever a time to embrace red lipstick, it’s on Valentine’s Day. The holiday is steeped in red, and applying a fierce shade of scarlet, crimson, or ruby can be just the accent you need to take your look to the next level. Many style icons have rocked red lips over the years, from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna. There’s no denying red lipstick is surefire way to feel fabulous on Valentine’s Day.

Treat Yourself to a Blowout

Are your tresses a mess? Consider treating yourself to a blowout. Burke Williams recently introduced their new in-house blow dry bar, Style, at the Woodland Hills and Hollywood spas. Whether dropping in for a day of luxurious services or just in need of an expert to handle your locks, Style is a great option for fabulous hair. Consult with a stylist about the best ways to give your hair volume during dry winter months and how to combat static cling (a little water usually calms down static-ridden hair). With Style, you’ll as good you feel just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Layer Up!

Valentine’s Day typically points to cooler weather, which means it’s time to hang up the sundresses and beachwear and embrace layers. The sheer versatility of layering makes it adaptable to nearly every style, whether going for an edgy outfit with attitude or a more romantic look for date night. Scarves, sweaters, and jackets are great investments that are interchangeable between outfits, and layering socks with a great pair of boots will keep you feeling flirty on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Spend Valentine’s Day With Friends

Consider breaking tradition and organizing a group outing for Valentine’s Day. Double dates are a great option to shake up the monotony of a standard couple’s night, or grab the girls and celebrate “Gal-entine’s Day” for a night of memories in the making. After all, the sentiment of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the ones you love, so why not surround yourself with the crew that makes you happiest? From a quick cocktail to an elaborate evening of fine dining and decadent desserts, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spend time with the ones you care about.