Treat Your Feet to a Steam Pedicure!

Before slipping into a fabulous pair of sandals this summer, take time to pamper yourself – and your feet! Pedicures are perfect for slowing down and making time to sit back, relax, and unwind. While the relaxing qualities of pedicures are key, they also provide physical benefits that assist with foot hygiene and keep feet smooth and healthy longer.  We’ve rounded up fun facts on pedicures and dished details on Burke Williams revolutionary Steam Pedicure, check out the tips below and make time for your tootsies today!

Preserving Skin’s Moisture & Circulation

A pedicure often means indulging in leg and foot massage that incorporates oils and lotions to promote healthy and smooth feet. If feet are moisturized, it reduces the appearance of blisters, cracks, and other foot problems that will cause unsightly feet and spoil sandal season. Using lotions and oils during foot massage also promotes circulation and can reduce pain and relieve tension, so don’t be afraid to moisturize at home or request additional oils during a pedicure.

Exfoliation is Key

Exfoliation is key to any good skin care routine. Why deprive your feet of the same luxurious and beneficial treatment? Exfoliation prevents dead cells from accumulating, and excess skin cells can cause unwanted bunions and corns. In addition to warding off foot issues, exfoliation can help feet better absorb additional products which increases their effectiveness and makes feet look silky smooth.

Relax & Rejuvenate

In addition to the cosmetic effects that leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the day in a smashing pair of sandals or peep-toe heels, pedicures allow you to take time for yourself and relax and rejuvenate. Setting aside a little “me time” every month benefits your mental and physical health, relieves stress, and improves mood.

Experience  a “Facial for Your Feet”

Burke Williams revolutionary Steam Pedicures are like a facial for your feet. Pipeless steam basins hydrate the skin for a more hygienic approach, opening pores to absorb more moisture and nourishing products from the FarmHouse Fresh vegan line. Steam Pedicures are eco-friendly and use one gallon of water per every four services versus traditional pedicures that use 25 gallons of water per service. Choose from an extensive array of colors and add enhancements including seasonal scrubs and masques for the ultimate pedicure experience.

Burke Williams is a haven for renewal and relaxation, and Steam Pedicures are an escape from the everyday. Sip a cup of tea or lemon infused water and unwind with a lavender-scented blanket and oatmeal pillow to support your neck and relax your mind and body. Pamper yourself from head to toe with a Burke Williams Steam Pedicure, and make a reservation today at