Summer Vacation Tips to Relax, Explore, & Unwind This Summer

burke williams day spaSummertime is the perfect season to explore far-away destinations or enjoy nearby stay-cations. Whether traveling to an ancient European city, escaping to the tropics, or discovering a hidden gem in your own backyard, indulging in time away from the daily grind is essential to a balanced lifestyle. Vacations are more than a luxury, they help decrease stress levels, inspire creativity, and increase productivity. Revitalize your body, mind, and spirit with a vacation (or stay-cation) this summer and check out these tips for travel and ideas for hometown adventure!


Traveling Abroad

Discovering new lands, cultures, and languages are just a few of the benefits of traveling abroad. Breaking out of the day-to-day and exploring foreign lands is both exciting and eye-opening, and when traveling abroad keep these tips in mind.

  • Before traveling to a new country, learn a little lingo. Memorizing a few key phrases of the native language shows an effort to communicate and could go a long way with locals.
  • Before you explore an area your unfamiliar with, do your research! Whether it’s a historical monument, a piece of art, type of cuisine, or learning about the landscape, research will bring more meaning to the trip and provide insight into the local culture.
  • While guide books can offer great suggestions for popular to-do’s in the area, it’s important to be spontaneous. Some of the best and most genuine memories come from unplanned adventures.



Vacations can often lead to getaways out of state or abroad, but stay-cations can lead to unforgettable memories that are fun, affordable, and incredibly relaxing. From unwinding at home alone to spending a week with nearby family and friends, taking time off from work and enjoying what’s in your own backyard can be a fantastic vacation option. Consider theses tips and ideas for a fabulous stay-cation!

  • For social butterflies, a stay-cation can be the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family – and even throw a party! Barbeques are part of the quintessential summer experience, so try finding a beautiful community park or beachside picnic area to invite the ones you care for over for a day of fun in the sun.
  • Movie nights are another option that work great for a party of one or a group. Take time to treat yourself to a delicious dinner that’s paired with a favorite film of choice! If stay-cationing with friends, up your movie night game by creating a popcorn bar, drink crate, personalized concession boxes, and an assorted candy bar.
  • Camping is a great option for those looking to break away from social media and a fast-paced lifestyle. Taking time away from the stresses of the everyday in the peace of the outdoors offers campers a chance to unwind. Check out local camping landmarks near home or even pitch a tent in the backyard to escape the everyday.


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