How To Have The Glowiest Skin Without Using Any Makeup

Bustle’s West Coast Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sara Tan shares her tips on how to have the glowiest skin without using makeup!

By Bustle’s West Coast Fashion and Beauty Editor, Sara Tan

If there’s one thing that I get asked most as a beauty editor, it’s how to achieve a dewy glow. From what highlighter to use to what type of foundation is best, it seems everyone is after that enviable lit-from-within complexion, as modeled by most of our favorite celebrities. The only problem is, no one really stops and asks what kind of skin care is required to achieve that glow. Allow me to fill you in on a little secret — no matter how much makeup you pile on, you won’t be able to get the glowy skin of your dreams if you neglect your skin care routine. Sure, luminizing primers and gold-flecked bronzers can help, but what’s better than a natural glow? And if you are a fan of makeup products that add some dazzle, remember that they’ll only look better with an already radiant base.

Here are five simple steps to follow that will help you get and maintain glowy skin for summer (and beyond).

1. Hydrate

This surely isn’t the first time you’ve heard that drinking an adequate amount of water will significantly help clear your complexion and brighten your skin. This makes sense, right? Your face, along with the rest of your body, is made up of cells that are made up of water. If your body is dehydrated, your skin will become dry, flaky, and irritated — in other words, you’re more likely to have blemishes and wrinkles. When you drink water, your skin is more likely to become plump, elastic, and yes, glowy. A good rule of thumb to follow is to drink eight glasses of water a day.

2. Cleanse Properly

Cleansing your face seems like a simple concept, but if you aren’t doing it correctly or thoroughly enough, you could be leaving dirt and leftover makeup behind, causing your face to become dull and irritated. If you wear a lot of makeup day to day, you should be double cleansing to really deep-clean your pores, prevent breakouts, and create a clean, glowy base. The first step in double cleansing is to use an oil or creamy cleanser, like H2V’s Hydrate cleanser, to get that first layer of makeup and dirt off of your face. The second step is to use a foamy gel or water-based cleanser, like H2V’s Complete cleanser, to wash away what’s left. This cleansing method will really ensure your face is squeaky clean and allow your other skin care products to penetrate into your skin deeper.

3. Exfoliate

While cleansing your skin is great, you should be exfoliating your face one or two times a week (depending on how sensitive your skin is) to not only get rid of residue from your makeup and cleansers, but to also get rid of all your dead skin cells. Exfoliating your skin can also encourage cell turnover and stimulate collagen production in your skin. Use a product like H2V’s Buff to slough off your dead skin cells and make room for your glow. Underneath all that is the foundation of your dream skin — I promise!

4. Moisturize

Drinking water is great for your face, but to really plump and inject moisture into your skin, you should be using a hydrating moisturizer or cream like H2V’s Quench twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). If your skin is feeling particularly dry, like in the summer, try adding a boost of hydration with a hyaluronic acid-packed product like H2V’s Moisture Enhance.

5. Maintain  

Maintaining good skin relies on keeping a consistent skin care regimen. But this not only means following the aforementioned steps on a daily basis — it also means getting professional treatments about every six weeks. You shouldn’t look at facials as a treat (though they certainly feel luxurious). Facials are a necessity when wanting to maintain a healthy, glowy complexion. Having your skin treated by an esthetician will also help you learn more about your skin so you can figure out exactly what you should be doing to achieve your glowiest, #nofilter self.