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Created using the finest organic and sustainable botanical materials, our high-quality Aromatherapy massage enhancement by Body Bliss will relax and purify your body with natural fragrances and oils.

How do you want to relax? Choose from four blends that fit your lifestyle:

Gently release stress and regain your inner peace with Lavender and Vetiver.

Target those sore spots with the essence of Arnica and Immortelle.

Rosemary and Cypress will strengthen vascular tissue and support healthy adrenal function.

A luxurious blend of precious essential oils that harmonizes the energy flow between individuals.

Southern California
50-minutes: $120 (regular price $150)
80-minutes: $160 (regular price $200)

San Jose Special
50-minutes: $132 (regular price $165)
80-minutes: $172 (regular price $215)

San Francisco Special
50-minutes: $140 (regular price $175)
80-minutes: $180 (regular price $225)

Deep Tissue Upgrade
50-minutes: $25
80-minutes: $35
Discount does not apply.

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