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Which Massage is Right for You? An Intro for the Uninitiated

In 2330 BC, the Tomb of Akmanthor was built in Saqqara, Egypt. Known as the “The Tomb of the Physician,” the site is covered with hieroglyphics and murals — among them, the depiction of two men receiving hand and foot massages. The ancient tomb is proof that humans have been enjoying the benefits of massage… Read more »

Should I Get A Deep-Tissue Massage?

Depth is a good thing – it makes poems sing and novels resonate, and without it, no one would go scuba diving ever again. So why do so many spa-goers shy away from deep-tissue massages? We think it’s because they simply don’t know enough about the technique and all of the benefits it confers. Have… Read more »

Potent Petals: Flowers That Beautify

A bouquet of blue hydrangeas pulls the Sunday brunch table together. A vase of long-stem roses on a cluttered desk brings a touch of romance to your dreary corporate office. Flowers bring beauty wherever they bloom, and if you can learn to harness their appearance-boosting benefits, they might just share some of that beauty with… Read more »

Spa Etiquette 101

Spa time is sacred. Whether you’re visiting the spa with friends or penciling in a little “me time,” stepping away from life’s chaos to restore yourself is a vital part of keeping balanced. It’s amazing what a difference just an hour or two of relaxation can make in our everyday lives. Time is a precious… Read more »