Manager’s Choice

This month, we have a surprise ~ just for you!

Our managers are offering a unique promotion at each spa location. So relax, renew, and enjoy a personal ‘thank you’ for being a Burke Williams guest. Each spa has a different offer, so this month is a great time to try more than one. Just click on your favorite location and see what exciting special awaits!

  • San Francisco


    General Manager, San Francisco

    20% off Guests Choice.

    Customize your massage by adding up to THREE of the following elements to enhance your experience: Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Hot Pack, Himalayan Salt Scrub, Chinese Herbal Body Scrub, Dry Exfoliation, Detoxifying Inhalation Beads, or Pink Himalayan Salt Stone.

    Ask us to help you create the perfect massage!

  • San Jose


    General Manager, San Jose

    20% off The Burke Williams Massage.

    Our flagship massage includes our “Signature Blend” of essential oils, therapeutic heat packs to relax the muscles, and medicinal Chinese herbs to balance, strengthen, and polish the skin.

    This June, enjoy this special promotion—just for our local guests. I know you San Jose fans love this promotion, so I’m bringing it back just for you!

  • Woodland Hills


    Vice President, General Manager
    Woodland Hills

    Save 20% off any 80-minute massage, PLUS get an enhancement gift card next time you join us!

    This June, I’m offering all my Woodland Hills locals a very special promotion. The offer is good on any 80-minute massage. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, just ask. Not only do you get a great deal when you come in for an amazing, relaxing massage this month, but you also get a special bonus gift you can use on your next visit.

  • Santa Monica


    Vice President, General Manager
    Santa Monica

    Enjoy Membership pricing on a 50-minute Deep Tissue/Firm Swedish combination massage.

    Hello Santa Monica! This June, enjoy a special promotion—just for locals in Santa Monica. So relax and renew, with a personal thanks from me for being a valued guest of Burke Williams.

  • Hollywood


    General Manager, Hollywood

    Enjoy either a Pure Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue Massage and receive a complimentary Aromatherapy enhancement.

    This one is just for you Hollywood! I want to say a special thanks to all the Hollywood locals. So come on in and enjoy our transformative Aromatherapy by Body Bliss, it’s an amazing way to relax.

  • Pasadena


    General Manager, Pasadena

    Save 20% off Hot Stones. Melt away tension with the ultimate massage tool.

    Enjoy my all-time favorite promotion special promotion throughout June. Hot Stones help your therapist to further relax tight muscles, ease stiffness and increase circulation. Healing, detoxifying and restorative, enjoy Hot Stones with our Pure Relaxation Massage.

  • Sherman Oaks


    General Manager, Sherman Oaks

    Enjoy 20% off our unique modalities. Try Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reiki, Thai, Lymphatic Drainage, or Cranial Sacral massage.

    For June, try something new! I’m offering our Sherman Oaks guests a special on our unique modalities. These services go beyond just a traditional massage. Do you have headaches, insomnia, or anxiety? Congestion, digestion issues, or swelling? If you aren’t sure which massage is right for you, just ask. We’re here to help!

  • Torrance


    General Manager, Torrance

    Enjoy a complimentary Hot Stones or Aromatherapy enhancement with an 80-minute Pure Relaxation Massage. PLUS get a voucher for a free upgrade from 50-minutes to 80-minutes on your next visit.

    Thank you to all our Torrance guests! This June, I hope you enjoy this special promotion — just for you. Relax and renew with a complimentary enhancement, and get a voucher for a complimentary upgrade on your next visit. The voucher is good for only a limited time so bring it back soon and enjoy another amazing upgrade.

  • Orange


    General Manager, Orange

    20% of any 50-minute or 80-minute Pure Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage when you add an enhancement.

    I want to thank all our fantastic guests by offering a special June promotion that is good only at our spa in Orange. So all you Orange locals come on in for an amazing, relaxing massage that will transform your day!

  • Mission Viejo


    General Manager, Mission Viejo

    Enjoy either a 50-minute or 80-minute Pure Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue Massage and receive a complimentary Aromatherapy enhancement.

    As a special thanks to all our incredible Mission Viejo guests, enjoy this special June promotion—just for you. Come on in and experience our transformative Aromatherapy by Body Bliss, it’s an amazing way to relax!