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Beauty Tricks to Fight Allergy Symptoms

Springtime brings warm weather, blooming flowers and more outdoor activity. Yet the beauty of spring can also bring on unwanted allergies. The nonstop sneezing and watery eyes can put a damper on your social life, but don’t worry! There are a handful of beauty tricks to help hide any signs of allergies. Consulting a physician… Read more »

Essential Oils Revealed

The virtues of essential oils have been recorded for centuries, and aid in everything from relaxation to healing. The ancient practice dates back to biblical times, when oils were extracted from the roots, stalks, leaves and flowers of plants to cope with a variety of health issues. In the last decade essential oils have made… Read more »

Why Tossing Expired Beauty Products is a Must

When it comes to skin care products and cosmetics, letting go can be tough. Finding quality merchandise that works well with your skin type is often a challenge, not to mention an investment. However, if those beloved cosmetics and skin care products are expired, they can be detrimental to delicate skin. The signs for aging… Read more »

Spice Up Your Water and Stay Hydrated

When it comes to self-beautification, I’ve always said, “Invest in your skin.” We carefully pick out cleansers and moisturizers that compliment our skin type, we believe in the importance of facials and exfoliation treatments, and we’re religious about wearing sunscreen; however many of us neglect the most effective skin care product out there: the consumption of water…. Read more »