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Cucumbers on Your Eyelids and Other Spa Oddities Revealed

Why would you put cucumbers on your eyelids, a hot towel over your face or stones on your spine? While some spa treatments seem counterintuitive (bathe in mud to get clean?), they’re rooted in time-tested wellness techniques that are proven to lower stress and make you feel great. Let’s take a look at some of… Read more »

3 Ways to Pamper Yourself When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women are said to have a glow about them. Although moms-to-be may look radiant on the outside, anyone who’s ever been pregnant will tell you that they don’t always feel fabulous. To look and feel your best while you’re expecting, a little pampering is in order – and we’ve got three great ideas. Get… Read more »

Which Massage is Right for You? An Intro for the Uninitiated

In 2330 BC, the Tomb of Akmanthor was built in Saqqara, Egypt. Known as the “The Tomb of the Physician,” the site is covered with hieroglyphics and murals — among them, the depiction of two men receiving hand and foot massages. The ancient tomb is proof that humans have been enjoying the benefits of massage… Read more »

Get Ready For Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

If you ask us, we think it’s time to step back from all the Valentine’s Day fluff and to add true romance to the celebration of love. You reserve the rustic wood cabin and buy the bottle of champagne. We’ll help you look and feel like the Valentine vixen you truly are with these pre-V… Read more »