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Valentine’s Day Pamper Prep with Burke Williams

As you may know by now I’m a pretty huge fan of the super lux chain of spas known as Burke Williams. With nine locations around Cali I have made it my goal to visit each one and try a new service. (I know what you’re thinking… my job sucks). In honor of Valentine’s Day… Read more »

Should I Get A Deep-Tissue Massage?

Depth is a good thing – it makes poems sing and novels resonate, and without it, no one would go scuba diving ever again. So why do so many spa-goers shy away from deep-tissue massages? We think it’s because they simply don’t know enough about the technique and all of the benefits it confers. Have… Read more »

‘Tis The Season to Spa LaLaLaLa!

With the holiday season right upon us it is easy to become overwhelmed and overlook how special this time of year truly is. We should not forget to celebrate what really matters: our family and friends, acts of kindness, health, and gratitude. I’ve been known to be a crazed-gift giver always trying to outdo myself… Read more »

Mother’s Day Special!

Mother, You’ve given me two things One is roots The other’s wings – Anonymous Mother: A beautiful, devoted and complex human creature. She gives life, sustenance, she nurtures, guides, reigns in! She loves, pushes, protects, consoles, encourages…and then it’s time for breakfast! Biological, adoptive, surrogate, mother-figure, grandmother, aunt, sister, friend. All these women can embody… Read more »