Wellness Expert Rhonda Richards-Smith on Intentional Relaxation

By Psychotherapist & Wellness Expert, Rhonda Richards-Smith

As a wellness and relationship expert, I am often asked to share my favorite tips and tricks for finding and maintaining a zen state of mind in an often hectic world. At times, it can feel like you are on auto-pilot, tending to the needs of everyone except for yourself. In some circles, friends and colleagues are even competing with one another to determine who has the busiest schedule and the most stress, as a badge of honor. Is that something we really want to aspire to? To be so invested in everything else that we forget to take care of ourselves? Spending quality, quiet time alone is so important for our physical and emotional well-being. Allowing yourself the opportunity to be still and fully present in the moment can boost your mood, help you relax, and lead to greater life satisfaction.

So, what holds us back from tending to our own needs and checking-in with ourselves on a regular basis? One major factor that can prevent us from caring for ourselves is not knowing our own worth. In order to take great care of your mind and body, you must embrace the idea that you are worthy of being loved and cared for by yourself and others. If you are uncomfortable with loving and caring for yourself, others will not know the best way to love and treat you either. The ability to clearly understand and communicate your own physical and emotional needs will serve you well in every facet of your life. Setting aside personal time on a regular basis to explore and re-evaluate your wellness needs is something I encourage all of my clients to do.

One of my favorite places to relax, recharge and prioritize my personal wellness is Burke Williams Day Spa. Known for providing high-quality spa services and treatments, a visit to Burke Williams always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and centered. The Hollywood location is such a gorgeous space and gives me all the iconic Hollywood glamour feels I can handle. The Burke Williams Swedish/Shiatsu Massage is one of my favorite massage services and has always provided me with the perfect combination of relaxation and relief for tense neck and back muscles. Some of my favorite amenities include the steam room (to loosen my neck and back muscles pre-massage) and The Conservatory (I love sipping on a cup of the custom blended tea while reading a great book there). However, my favorite place to sink into a deep relaxation is in the “quiet room.” Furnished with reclining chairs, dim lighting and partitions that give you a semi-private experience, this space feels like heaven!

Taking the time to explore your own desires and needs is the key to constructing a life you love. With patience and practice, anyone can make the commitment or re-commitment to making their own health and happiness priority. By relaxing your mind and body, you can often hear your own voice more clearly and recognize what is necessary in order for you to feel and be well. What do you enjoy? What makes you happy? Under what circumstances do you feel your best? Any time I treat myself to a spa day at Burke Williams Day Spa, I leave feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a renewed sense of commitment to be kinder and more loving to myself. With National Relaxation Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to explore your favorite ways to de-stress, connect with yourself and live a more intentional life. Self-care is not just about pampering yourself. It’s about self-love, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. Because at the end of the day, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

How will you celebrate National Relaxation Day this year?



Rhonda Richards-Smith is an award-winning psychotherapist & relationship expert. Her advice has been featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Huffington Post, BravoTV, Ebony Magazine, Teen Vogue and Glamour Magazine among others. In 2016, she was inducted into the inaugural “Women of Worth” class for her leadership in the mental health and relationship space by Los Angeles-based company, Worthy Women. In 2017, Match.com CEO Mandy Ginsberg named her as one of the top dating and relationship experts in the country. With over 15 years of experience, Rhonda is passionate about helping people improve their personal lives, relationships with others and overall emotional health.

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