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This beautiful spa is now open at The Village in Westfield Topanga. Reminiscent of a Hampton’s beach house, our 10th location invites you to experience a wide range of new services that are not available anywhere else.

Offering the ultimate in personalization, the Alchemists at our Custom Blend Bar will work with you to choose from over 10,000 aromatherapy and herbal recipes designed to ensure that your service suits your needs perfectly.

Our Garden Room allows you to enjoy mini-services in a relaxing co-ed environment, either before or after your main service. It’s the perfect way to enjoy that extra time and a little more massage at Burke Williams.

Visit us today and enjoy the world of Burke Williams Woodland Hills!


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  • Custom Blend Bar

    Woodland Hills Custom Blend Bar

    At Burke Williams Woodland Hills we invite you to visit our Custom Blend Bar where our treatment experts will help you blend the perfect aromatherapy lotion or oil for your service. Enjoying a spa bath? Create your own herbal blend! We’ve got over 10,000 ways for you to personalize your service to enhance your health or suit your mood. No need to book in advance. Simply allow time before your service to enjoy the myriad of essential oils and recipes you can use to create your custom blend.

    Your personalized service blend:
    $35 for non-members
    $29 for members

    Retail products for home use starting at $65

  • The Garden Room

    Woodland Hills Garden Room Scalp Massage

    Enjoy one of our targeted treatments while you relax in our peaceful, co-ed Garden Room. Personalize your experience with one of our intentional aromatherapy blends: Renew, Unwind, Rejoice, or Love—included in each service.

    Hand and Arm

    The service begins with your palm resting on our hot Himalayan stone. Your therapist will massage your hands and arms, eliminating stress and reducing the effects of our technology-centered lives. You’ll leave with your hands wrapped in our luxurious logo gloves.

    Leg and Foot

    This treatment begins with the soothing warmth of our hot Himalayan salt stone. We’ll blend your intentional aromatherapy choice with our unscented massage lotion and you’ll enjoy an exquisite foot and leg massage. Seal in moisture with our luxurious logo socks.

    Neck and Scalp

    Warm Himalayan salt stones relax your muscles while our skilled therapist massages the scalp and neck. This service includes an essential oil sachet for home use to encourage you to “restore,” “renew,” and “unwind” more often.

    Anti-Aging for the Hands

    Experience the anti-aging benefits of our professional strength H2V Youth Cell activator and ECOFIN paraffin alternative. Your hands are enveloped in warm aromatherapy mitts while you enjoy a soothing arm massage. You’ll leave with your hands wrapped in our luxurious logo gloves.

    Services run approximately 20 minutes
    $39 for non-members
    $34 for members

Spa Pedicure Video

Spa Pedicure Video

Ever wonder what it’s like to get a Spa Pedicure at Burke Williams?

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 10:00pm
First Service: 10:00am
Last Service: 8:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am to 10:00pm
First Service: 9:00am
Last Service: 8:00pm

6256 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 818-200-0260
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Parking is plentiful and the first three hours are complimentary.